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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

A BIG OH BOY HOWDIE OF A THANK YOU!!! To all who came to our jam at the House of Blues for my birthday. The music was stellar. everything about it was great. We sure did let the good time roll.



Message from the editor, Michele Lundeen

"Come Celebrate Rosalea's B'day at HOB July 24"

 "Weds July 24, as a HUGE thanks to BLUSD
... Board member Rosa Lea Schiavone of
Wicked Harem Promotions as well as
JammingOut.net for being such a musical force in pulling
together the highly successful Wed Jam, the House of
Blues is throwing her a birthday party in the HOB Delta
Room. You're all invited to come jam and have fun and
celebrate this champion for musicians and blues!"
BLUSD Blue Ink

Our launch party smoked the House of Blues


Wednesday night, BIG OH BOY HOWDIE!!! The magical moments just kept happening. The place was full up and slammin! We came together and made a joyous sound. Our host band; Lafayette, Kevin Coo...per, Billy Ray, Tony Agosta with special guest Bubba McCoy Thank you! You boyz are some tight funky dudes, DAMN!!

Thanks to every one who came and shared their talent. Ya'll brought it. Willie Lee Brown, Kurt Kalker, Pete Fassini, Charlie, Dale, Eddie, Meir, Dan " Dirty" Rice, Bud, Harmonica John, Annette McGee, Deeja Marie Pope, Doyle, Barry, Jacob, Mark, Pete, The harp player from Illinois, Mike, Chris, Eric Lieberman, Taryn Donath in dah house. Whew! Sorry if I missed anyone, comment below, you all added to the magic of this pot of musical stew. To all the fans thanks for your support without you we all might as well be singing and playin in the shower.

Packy B. I can't thank you enough for the stellar job that you did on the sound, keepin this jam running smooth as silk, your vision and facilitation of this night. Doyle Thomas, I think we'll keep ya. Great job on the mic as our MC. Thank you for your vision and creation of jammingout.net. A network for people looking to jam. Couldn't have dreamed of a better evening to launch your site. Yep. we keep makin'em come true. We are a great team.

Thanks also to the managment and all the staff at the House of Blues. You all made us feel right at home and happy.

rosalea ~ team member JammingOut the House of Blues. BLUSD Board of Directors Wicked Harem Promotions

house of blues poster

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