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About Us

Our Mission Statement...

“This site is designed to be an easy-to-use tool for people of all musical skill levels to connect with others. Music is a gift and playing with others is one of the best gifts we can give each other and ourselves. Many people play instruments and everyone has the ability to make a joyous sound.  Our mission is to help people enrich their lives by playing with others. This is the tool to do it.”

Founder of Jamming Out - Doyle Thomas

    Jamming Out is a platform that helps you search for and connect with beginner, hobbyist, and professional musicians in your area. Jamming Out offers the most comprehensive database of members, allowing people to search for exactly who they need. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn how to play the guitar, or a professional musician looking to coordinate a live session at the highest level, Jamming Out offers the tools to do so.

Meet The Team

Hi, my name is Doyle, and I’m the founder of Jamming Out. I founded this company for musicians just like me all over the world. One of the great joys of playing music is the experience of jamming. 

Those of us who have full-time jobs, families and responsibilities don’t necessarily have time to fully commit to a band with consistent gigs and rehearsal; but that shouldn’t mean having to give up the joy of playing music with others.


There is an entire culture of musicians who jam for the pure fun of it, for the practice, for the love of making music. And we deserve a networking platform too!


That’s why I founded Jamming Out: a mobile platform where musicians search for and connect with beginner and hobbyist 

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