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  • SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Jamming Out LLC today announced a new platform that helps search for and connect with beginner, hobbyist, and professional musicians in your area. Jamming Out offers the most comprehensive and granular database of members, allowing people to search for exactly who they need. Whether you’re a beginner trying to learn how to play the guitar, or a professional musician looking to coordinate a live session at the highest level, Jamming Out offers the tools to do so.

    • Jamming Out empowers musicians with the smarter use of data, allowing them to make the most informed decisions. Members create a profile that provide their location, bio, instrument, skill-level, favorite genres, etc. It also provides a search engine that allows for filtered searches to find the perfect musician(s) for your specific needs. Jamming Out provides a scheduling and messaging tool, eliminating the need for group-texts and emails, and making it every musician’s one-stop shop.

    • “One of the most important ways we advance the musical application world’s mission is by providing a platform that allows for even the most novice of musicians to come together and make a joyous sound. Our target audience is...everyone” said Doyle Thomas, CEO, Jamming Out.
    • Jamming Out is not just another musician seeking musicians’ site because it targets developing musicians and allows them to coordinate with other beginners, allowing them to reach the next level together. Jamming out will provide intermediates a portal for exercising their musical talent without the commitments of being in a band (practicing, moving gear, etc.) With jamming out you can schedule a jam, walk in, play, and walk out.

    • Traditional sites for musicians seeking musicians are intimidating and virtually useless for true beginners. Jamming Out bridges the gap to allow those people that have had that guitar in their closet for years, or who used to play in a band in high school, etc. and allows them to play what they know, and to learn what others know in an enriching environment.

    • “Playing with others is infinitely more gratifying and infectious than playing alone. It gives you practice, and more importantly it gives you goals” said Doyle Thomas, CEO, Jamming Out.


  • What makes this app different from other musician seeking musician apps?

    • Traditional musician seeking apps are intimidating and virtually useless for beginner/novice musicians. They are designed for advanced and professional musicians to create bands and find band members.

    • Vampr is one of the most successful apps in the space, with over half a million users. However, the app is designed to connect advanced musicians with other experts and industry professionals.

    • There is a niche market of musicians who aren’t looking to connect to advance their career, instead they are looking to connect to practice, learn, and have fun playing music with new people. Jamming is an essential and sought-after experience for every level of musician, and until now has been a neglected market of people. Jamming Out wants to bring innovation to an outdated system. 

  • Why would someone want access to JammingOut's data base of musicians?

    • Jamming Out empowers musicians with the smarter use of data, allowing them to make the most informed decisions. Jamming Out allows users to search for exactly what they need from a jam partner via detailed profiles and filters.

  • Why would an expert/advanced musician want to use Jamming Out?

    • Many accomplished musicians don’t play with others because they don’t have enough time. They have careers that pay the bills and don’t have the freedom to commit to regular band practices and gigs. Jamming Out allows those experienced musicians to make low-commitment connections and satisfy their musical needs without the onerous commitments of being in a band.

  • Why would a user return to JammingOut?

    • There is nothing more infectious and gratifying than playing with others. On the other hand, an app like Bandmix, which is designed to prioritize experienced musicians in search of forming a formal band. Their model has users paying over 30$ to interact with each other, and once the musician has found their band, they cancel the subscription. This is a user-experience that will keep our subscribers coming back for more and more.

    • Unlike traditional musician seeking musician platforms, Jamming Out is designed to prioritize beginners and intermediates. The whole point of playing music with others is to practice, learn new techniques and styles, and most importantly to have fun. 

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